Jimmy Butler Dominates Neymar in High-Stakes Poker Showdown at ‘Legends of the Felt’ Event

Jimmy Butler Dominates Neymar in High-Stakes Poker Showdown at ‘Legends of the Felt’ Event
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The ‘Legends of the Felt’ poker event, live-streamed via Hustlers Casino on YouTube, showcased the competitive spirit and poker prowess of several major sporting stars, including Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler and Brazilian footballer Neymar. The ‘Legends of the Felt’ event brought together a diverse group of celebrities and athletes, such as boxer Ryan Garcia, esports star Ninja, boxer Chris Eubank Jr., vlogger Jon Vlogs, and social media personality Dan Bilzerian, for a night of high-stakes poker.


Jimmy Butler, known for his talents on the basketball court, demonstrated his impressive poker skills during the event. Donning dark sunglasses and a blue jumpsuit, Butler was clearly in his element throughout the night. The highlight of the evening came when Butler found himself in a tense showdown with Neymar, who currently plays for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal. Neymar, still recovering from a knee injury that sidelined him for much of the last season, joined the poker table with determination and a competitive spirit.


The stakes were high as Butler put in $78k and went all in, while Neymar followed suit with his entire $75k. The hand escalated to a total of $174k, culminating in Butler’s victory with a full house. Neymar played the hand with a triple, having a 4 and two more 4s appearing on the dealer’s table. Despite this strong hand, Butler’s full house secured him the win, leaving Neymar with a wry smile of disappointment.

Butler’s victory was a testament to his poker skills and strategic mindset. From the outset of the hand, Butler displayed confidence and composure. Dan Bilzerian, known for his own poker exploits, had earlier suggested that Butler should fold for $10k, but Butler refused, emphasizing that the hand was about more than just money. He was in it to win or lose on his terms. The decisive moment came with the seven clubs, which completed Butler’s full house, giving him the edge over Neymar.

The camaraderie between Butler and Neymar was evident throughout the game. The two athletes have been friends for a considerable time, frequently appearing on each other’s social media. Butler’s prediction that he would win big against Neymar added an extra layer of excitement to the showdown. In an Instagram story posted a day before the event, Butler confidently told Neymar, “All that and you still losing to me at poker tomorrow.” This playful banter set the stage for their friendly rivalry at the poker table.


Butler’s delight at winning the $174k hand was palpable. He looked up to the skies in thanks, a common reaction to a significant victory. His joy was shared by the audience, which watched the event live. Despite the competitive nature of the game, Butler expressed his affection for Neymar, calling him a brother and emphasizing their strong bond. “I see him as a brother; you know what I mean? I’ll fly anywhere to go watch my brother play. It’s a real family vibe around him,” Butler said in an interview with The Guardian.

This sense of brotherhood was evident during their poker game as well. Even as Butler celebrated his win, he made sure to remind Neymar that their friendship was paramount, saying, “I love you, man.” Butler’s infectious smile and impressive poker face were on full display, highlighting his ability to balance competitive intensity with genuine camaraderie.

The ‘Legends of the Felt’ event successfully blended the worlds of sports and poker, providing fans with an entertaining and memorable experience. Jimmy Butler’s triumph over Neymar was a standout moment, showcasing not only his poker skills but also the deep bonds of friendship that can exist between athletes from different sports.

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