Jared Dudley Takes Subtle Jab at Lakers’ New Head Coach JJ Redick

Jared Dudley Takes Subtle Jab at Lakers' New Head Coach JJ Redick
Image Credit: Jared Dudley

In a recent interview with Joey Mistretta, Jared Dudley, the assistant coach of the Dallas Mavericks, made headlines with a subtle dig at the newly appointed Lakers head coach, JJ Redick. Mistretta posted a clip from the interview on X, formerly known as Twitter, which quickly caught the attention of NBA fans and analysts alike.

In the video, Dudley expressed his aspirations to become a head coach and his frustration with the long and arduous path many assistants face. “I wanna head coach. That’s my dream, ambition to be able to do that. But at the same time you can’t have that. Some of us aren’t JJ Redick and get to go right away,” Dudley remarked.

Jared Dudley’s comments reflect the reality for many assistant coaches who must spend years, sometimes decades, climbing the coaching ladder before getting a shot at leading a team. Dudley, who has been an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks since 2021, highlighted the common route for many coaches, mentioning the need for “four to five years” of experience as an assistant before landing a head coaching job.

Despite the apparent jab, Dudley maintained that he holds no ill will towards Redick. In the same post, Mistretta clarified, “Just to clarify, Dudley was not throwing shade at Redick. He was just making a point, but he is cool with Redick.”

JJ Redick’s appointment as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers has been a hot topic of discussion. It’s highly unusual for a franchise as storied as the Lakers to hire a head coach with no prior coaching experience. Many fans and analysts speculated that LeBron James, a close friend and podcast partner of Redick, had a significant influence on the decision.

However, JJ Redick addressed these rumors in his first press conference as Lakers head coach, dismissing any notion that his friendship with James played a role in his appointment. Redick emphasized his commitment to the role and his readiness to take on the challenge of coaching one of the NBA’s most iconic teams.

As part of his transition to his new role, JJ Redick announced his departure from the podcasting world. In a heartfelt video posted on his YouTube channel, Redick bid farewell to his fans and the “Old Man and the Three” podcast. “I will be moving on to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. Three Four Two is alive and well. Three Four Two will continue to operate, I am going to have no involvement,” Redick stated.

He expressed his gratitude to his supporters and the podcast’s audience, promising that his focus is now entirely on leading the Lakers to success. “My entire focus is now directed towards coaching the Lakers and making them the best versions of themselves,” Redick concluded.

Jared Dudley’s comments underscore a broader issue within the NBA coaching landscape. The pathway to becoming a head coach is often long and fraught with obstacles, making Redick’s swift appointment all the more controversial. Dudley’s frustration is understandable, as many assistants toil for years without receiving the same opportunities.

JJ Redick’s appointment as the Lakers’ head coach is undoubtedly a bold move by the franchise. While Redick brings a wealth of basketball knowledge and a fresh perspective, his lack of coaching experience is a legitimate concern. The Lakers are betting on his ability to translate his on-court success and analytical acumen into effective leadership from the sidelines.

LeBron James’ potential influence in this decision cannot be ignored. His relationship with Redick likely played a role, whether directly or indirectly. This move signifies a shift in the Lakers’ approach, opting for a coach who can potentially foster a new dynamic within the team.

Redick’s commitment to leaving his podcasting career behind and focusing entirely on his new role is commendable. It shows his dedication to proving himself in this new capacity. However, only time will tell if this gamble by the Lakers will pay off and if Redick can navigate the pressures and complexities of coaching at the highest level.

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