ESPN Faces Major Void as JJ Redick Transitions to Coaching LA Lakers: Tim Legler Eyed as Successor

ESPN Faces Major Void as JJ Redick Transitions to Coaching LA Lakers: Tim Legler Eyed as Successor
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In a significant shift within the sports broadcasting landscape, former NBA player JJ Redick is set to begin his coaching career with the LA Lakers next season, leaving a notable void in ESPN’s broadcasting team. Redick, who has made a seamless transition from the court to the booth, has become a familiar voice for basketball fans, particularly through his role in calling NBA Finals games and various other matchups throughout the season. As ESPN prepares for his departure, the network is now tasked with finding a suitable replacement to fill Redick’s shoes.
According to a report from the New York Post, veteran NBA analyst Tim Legler is a leading candidate to step into Redick’s role. Legler, a former NBA guard himself, has a strong relationship with Redick, having made several appearances on Redick’s popular podcast, “The Old Man and the Three.” Over the years, Legler has been a significant presence in ESPN’s studio coverage, renowned for his insightful analysis and deep understanding of the game. Despite his success in the studio, Legler has expressed a keen interest in calling games on television, a desire that has often been curtailed by ESPN due to his in-studio value.
However, with Redick’s departure, ESPN’s leadership appears more open to the idea of Legler taking on a more prominent role in live game coverage. The shift in attitude is bolstered by recent praise from ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt, who has highlighted Legler’s analytical prowess and his potential as a game-day commentator. Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post reported on this evolving situation, stating:
“For years, Legler has wanted to do more games, but ESPN decision-makers resisted giving him a bigger workload onsite as he is so valuable in studio, particularly with Van Pelt. However, ESPN leadership has warmed up to the idea of him calling more games, sources said.”
As Redick transitions to his new role as the transitional coach of the LA Lakers, there are significant questions surrounding the future of his podcasting ventures. “The Old Man and the Three” has garnered a substantial following due to Redick’s engaging interviews with high-profile guests from the basketball world, including coaches like Mike Krzyzewski and players past and present. Additionally, Redick, alongside LeBron James, launched the “Mind The Game” podcast earlier this year, which received rave reviews from fans.
The big question looming over these popular podcasts is whether Redick will be able to continue them while fulfilling Transitions his coaching duties. Fans are particularly concerned about the fate of “The Old Man and the Three,” given its success and Redick’s passion for the project. However, the “Mind The Game” podcast, co-hosted with LeBron James, presents a unique challenge. Udonis Haslem, another NBA veteran, has previously voiced concerns about the potential impact of the podcast on the Lakers’ locker room chemistry:
“I’m going to go ahead and say it. If it’s JJ, it’s going to be a cynical locker room. You’re going to see guys that are going to say, ‘Is coach going to do a podcast after the game with LeBron?’ You’re going to have a cynical locker room of guys that are going to side-eye everything JJ says. They’re going to wonder, ‘Is it JJ’s message? Or is it LeBron’s message?'”
With James potentially hitting free agency, the dynamics within the Lakers and the continuation of the podcast remain uncertain. While it is expected that James will opt into the final year of his contract or negotiate a new deal, his potential departure could shake up the league and influence the future of the podcast he co-hosts with Redick.
As ESPN navigates the transition and has the potential to integrate Tim Legler more prominently into their game-day broadcasts, the network faces a pivotal moment. The decisions made in the coming weeks will not only affect their broadcast lineup but also how fans engage with NBA coverage moving forward.
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