2024 NBA Mock Draft: UConn’s Donovan Clingan Chosen No. 1 by Hawks, Alex Sarr Falls, Zach Edey Joins Lottery

2024 NBA Mock Draft: UConn's Donovan Clingan Chosen No. 1 by Hawks, Alex Sarr Falls, Zach Edey Joins Lottery
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As the 2024 NBA mock draft approaches, the Atlanta Hawks hold the No. 1 overall pick, and the speculation about their decision is reaching fever pitch. Will they trade the pick, make the selection, or run out of time? All scenarios are being considered as the draft day looms.

Recent reports indicate that the Hawks are weighing three main options for their top pick: Donovan Clingan, Alex Sarr, and Zaccharie Risacher. ESPN recently noted that Clingan has emerged as Risacher’s primary competition for the No. 1 spot, following an impressive workout with the Hawks.

Clingan’s draft stock has been a contentious topic among draft analysts, leading to debates about his worthiness for the top pick. I discussed this question alongside 247Sports’ Adam Finkelstein and CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone, ultimately deciding to mock Clingan to the Hawks over the more popular choice, Sarr, in my final draft projection.

The Case for Donovan Clingan

Clingan’s potential selection at No. 1 is complex. While I personally believe Clingan may not have the highest upside compared to other prospects, there are arguments supporting his fit with the Hawks. Atlanta’s need for a center is pressing, especially with Clint Capela’s future in the team uncertain. Clingan, though perhaps not as dynamic as Sarr, could provide the stability and long-term solution the Hawks need at the center position.

The Case for Alex Sarr

Alex Sarr is seen by many as the higher-up choice due to his athleticism, versatility, and potential to grow into an All-Star-caliber player. His skills on both ends of the floor make him an enticing prospect for a team looking to add transformative talent. However, the Hawks might prioritize immediate fit and reliability over potential, which could tilt the scales in Clingan’s favor.

 NBA Mock Draft Overview

Our latest NBA mock draft considers these dynamics and more, reflecting the latest insights and strategic needs of each team.

  1. Atlanta Hawks: Donovan Clingan
    • The Hawks opt for Clingan, valuing his solid fit and long-term potential as a cornerstone center over the higher risk associated with Sarr.
  2. Washington Wizards: Alex Sarr
    • Sarr’s slide ends at No. 2, with the Wizards seizing the opportunity to draft a player with star potential and athletic prowess.
  3. Houston Rockets: Zaccharie Risacher
    • Risacher’s versatility and scoring ability make him an attractive choice for the Rockets, complementing their young core.

Lottery Pick Highlights

  • Zach Edey: The towering center from Purdue finds a spot in the lottery, showcasing his dominant interior presence and potential to impact games defensively.

As NBA Mock Draft night nears, the final decisions remain uncertain, but the debates and analyses will continue to intensify, shaping the expectations and excitement for what promises to be a pivotal moment for the franchises involved.


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